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  1. Model Regional Differences
    [Answer ID: 14120]
    Products with the same name sold by different divisions of Buffalo in various countries are not necessarily identical. For example, the wireless channels used are often different in each country, due to government regulations....
  2. AOSS
    [Answer ID: 14160]
    This is a operation if customer prefers to configure wireless devices without the aid of AOSS. Put the wireless routers IP address in the address bar of your favorite web browser and log into your router....
  3. Problems getting to secure sites through router
    [Answer ID: 14155]
    Several DSL modems have router functions and this causes all communication to go through 2 layers of Network Address Translation.This can cause issues with https sites such as online auction and banking sites....
  4. Firmware Update for Buffalo Wireless Devices
    [Answer ID: 14172]
    We recommend you to update for hardware issues or other problems that can be resolved with a firmware update.Please visit http://www.buffalotech.com to select your region and go support -> downloads and check for product updates prior to starting this process....
  5. How to Deal with the warning message "This Connection Is Not Private" displayed in iOS 11
    [Answer ID: 16357]
    Your connection may not be secure. You should ask the administrator whether the page is safe or leave the page by clicking "Go Back." In case the same warning message is displayed when accessing Internet@Start, AOSS2 or guest port through Buffalo's Wi-Fi router, your connection is secure. Please access according to the following procedure....
  6. WBMR-HP-GN DSL connection issues
    [Answer ID: 14386]
    Region: EMEA onlyThe unit will not connect to the internet due to issues with service details.When filling the PPPoE / PPPoA Settings, leave the Service Name entry blank.This will allow the unit to connect, but will not cause any problems with any ISP as this is an additional setting. Also, please allow the unit a few minutes to connect, usually 1-5 minutes, but occasionally up to 10 minutes connection time is required....

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